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Miracase Dashboard&Windshield Car Phone Mount Holder

  • Are you tired of all car mounts blocking your driving view?

    Miracase Designed a new and improved gooseneck car mount with the best materials insures you and your phone a safe and smooth journey,it can be installed on dashboards without blocking your view at all,also great for use on windshield .

    Have you met the car phone mount constantly opening and dropping your phone onto the car's floor?

    Mircase has updated the suction gel pad to strengthen the phone mount's sickness, With an updated rinsable gel base under a suction cup, you may renew your suction cup at any time, just rinse it under warm water and let it dry, Also it will be easy operation if you want to relocate it to other places. Also,we have added an adhesive dashboard pad ensures better driving experiences.

    Are you worried it will not fit your phone?

    This Miracase adjustable phone holder fits virtually all known current mobile phones, including those with normal-sized protective cases. It's Designed to hold any phone size in 4-6.5inch, Width between 2.1- 4.05inch, Also it can hold an GPS navigation or other products' mounting issue width in 2.1-4.05inch.

    About Miracase

    Miracase is an international brand for cell phone accessories products, We have committed to developing mobile phone accessories with good quality and durability since 2010.

    car phone mount
    car holder

    Friendly Notes

    1. Please refer to the instruction manual to install and remove the car cell phone holder.

    2. We DO NOT recommend to apply the cell phone car mount on leather, curved, wall or filmed glass surfaces

    as the suction cup is designed with strong viscosity and attraction.

    3. If the suction cup is heated by hair dryer or other tool, it will be more sticky because of thermal expansion and contraction.

    4. If the screw is loose, you can cut the finger of the discarded rubber glove and put it on the screw to increase the friction,

    so that the screw will more compact.

    5. If the surface of your car's dashboard is uneven, please use 3M dash disc to secure the mount on the dashboard.

    6. As summer approaches and days are getting hotter, please avoid direct exposure to the sun as this may affect the function of your car mount.

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