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Upgraded Air Vent Car Phone Holder Cradle

Miracase Car Phone Mount-2020 Upgraded Version

2020 upgraded car vent phone mount

Installation Instructions

car phone mount

How to Install


  1. Unscrew the screw nut 1, place it onto the ball head.
  2. Insert the ball head into the socket of clamp head until you hear a "click".
  3. Tighten the screw nut 1.The tighter the nut, the harder it is to rotate the clamp head.
  4. Loosen the screw nut 2 until it attaches to the screw nut 1.
  5. Make the clip hook downward and pull open the clip plate,push the hook into the air vent grille to catch a blade,then release the spring clip plate to make it fix to the air vent.
  6. Make sure the product is already installed stably,then tighten the screw nut 2.Installation complete!!




  • Don't install the product on the blade at the top or bottom.
  • Remember to never text while driving.


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